Preparing something special for the children?

Of course. I believe every teacher wants to do something special for Halloween. Some of them let children draw/glue/model their own scary creatures, others make workshops and cut out Jack O'lanterns ...

Reading some posts on one social FB group, a colleague that goes by the FB name 'Moja Moja' posted a great idea about reading a scary story in a dark room. Browsing through YouTube, I found another idea about how to make children follow and understand the story easily.

Combining the two and bearing in mind I have 30 children in a class, I decided to read them a scary story. What came out of it, you can see in the clip. It is not of very good quality, but you can nevertheless get the general idea about the activity.

Children loved it and wanted to hear it over and over again. I thank both of the colleagues for the ideas.

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