Welcome to the very serious games for children

Today, there are just opening lines. Namely, the answers to why, who, what, how, when and with what.


I've been running seminars on YFLL for some time. Presenting the basics of the approach on how a young soul should experience a new language and in which I believe  immensly, lelft me with millions of unaddressed questions. I am writing a teacher's guide. It's still in progress, but a slow one. Since writing is a time consuming job and some ideas would like to be spread out sooner rather than later, why not sharing some ideas net-wide?


Everyone who is willing to participate, share, and give constructive comments. Preferably in English. My intention is to spread the blog EU wide, starting next week at the IATEFL PL Conference. 


Gamified activities related to lessons which are child-oriented and have curriculum aims covered.

How #1?

This is the way I picture it: 

The idea of how to approach one curriculum goal through a gamified activity is described.  

Once the idea is posted, I would like you to join by adding your comments: give your feedback as to how the lesson went with your children, what you did differently and how would you design a follow-up, ask questins about the material used and how to recognise quality material ...

Actually, you're free to ask any question, as long as it is related to the topic described. Our goal is to learn together.

This way one idea will multiply and stir our imagination to eternity.

If you want to follow the comments and posts, you should submit your e-mail address.

How #2?

We will stick to the approach I present at the seminar 'Playing Games Is a Serious Business!' 

The activity will be wrapped in a lesson frame that works briliantly with the children. However, I will not give you a lesson plan, but merely outline the activity's coherent context in which a young soul can comprehend a sense. 

The activity will start with the curricular aim as its guideline.


At the beginning of October.

With what?

The material used will focus on:
    Monkey Puzzle by Julia Donaldson
  • authentic picture books to provide the context and grounds for the curriculum related topics,

  • authentic You-tube recordings (songs, cartoons that are originally ment for native speakers),

  • our own C00lSch00l teaching aids (for enabling pre-reading and pre-writing skills as well as communication and memorising): 
They are:

  • and one more thing: only original material is welcome. We respect intelectual property and the work the authors have put into it. 

Anything forgotten?

Probably. But we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.