I enjoyed a very pleasant and relaxed summer. Hope you had a similar one, too. Now I am ready to start a new school year with some fresh ideas. 

The summer event: Musical Veronika Deseniška, Celjski grad, August 2017

After having successfully completed fifteen workshops (Playing Games Is a Serious Business and Visual Grammar), the teachers’ comments and suggestions have piled up. Realising we cannot squeeze all of your wishes in a 3-day workshop, we have now rearranged our workshops. The complete open-didactic and project-based approach can be covered in 70 hours, gathered in 9 days, spread over 15 months.

Workshop: Playing Games Is a Serious Business, OŠ Ljubečna, August 2017

THE WORKSHOP: PLAYING GAMES IS A SERIOUS BUSINESS! (in Slovenia: end of August, 3 days, 22 hours) you can sign up HERE.

Reading starts with pictures ...

Listening comprehension ...
This workshop scaffolds a project approach through steps which address all language skills as well as social skills. The approach is child-centred, topic based and involves gamified activities, which can be adapted to different topics. The participants leave the workshop with a knowledge of the frame of a yearly programme, how to address language and social skills through steps, and how to organise a lesson in a way that everything is entwined.

Let's find some vocabulary ...

This basic workshop is carried out through a project AUTUMN and gives teachers the means for the first 25 lessons.

THE UPGRADE of the workshop Playing Games Is a Serious Business: SATURDAY MEETINGS (in Slovenia: four Saturday meetings, 8 hours each) you can sign up HERE.

New ideas need time and practice to ‘sink in’. Therefore, Saturday meetings shed some extra light on the project approach.

Every meeting has different topics scaffolded in a project. Additionally, every meeting presents some issues teachers expressed they would like to know more about.

1st Saturday meeting (NOVEMBER) – Project WINTER, management in big classes and encouraging socialisation.

2nd Saturday meeting (FEBRUARY) – Project SPRING and literacy.

3rd Saturday meeting (APRIL) – Project SUMMER and listening comprehension.

4th Saturday meeting (MAY) – EVALUATING AND GRADING

TARGET AUDIENCE: beginner and experienced native or non-native teachers, who teach young learners (aged 6-9), with at least intermediate knowledge of English language.


  • to present a topic based and open-didactic approach in ELL;
  • to present how a story (picture book) can be the source of different topics and the red-line in cross-curricular focus (CLIL);
  • to present a multi-sensory approach to different tasks;
  • to present a multi-sensory approach to storytelling;
  • to present the steps in a project work in which a certain step provides tasks and activities which lead to learning different language skills;
  • to present how to create serious games and how to teach through them;
  • to present the elements which turn the activities and tasks into serious games, which can address pupils'  different levels of English knowledge and at the same time practice their social skills;
  • to present a child-centered approach in which the teacher's role is an organiser of the learning process and the child is an active learner.

Listening and speaking ...

You can read more in the article: Mija Selič, Making Early Language Learning Effective, HLT Magazine, October 2015

THE FOLLOW UP: VISUAL GRAMMAR (June, 2 days, 18 hours) you can sign up HERE.

Visual story ... (presented at Belta Day, Brussels, 2017)

The workshop presents the visual approach to addressing grammar, time concept, and tenses. Moreover, it shows how to address writing, reading, speaking and listening with students aged 9 and 10.

We use unique tools and activities carried out through Visual Sentences, Visual Story, Word Web and Visual Grammar. 

Visual grammar ...

You can read more in an article: Mija Selič, Visualising Grammar and Literacy in Young Language Learning, HLT, October 2016

If, however, you would like to arrange the workshop elsewhere, do not hesitate and write to: info@c00lsch00l.eu. 


  • All of the above-mentioned workshops are carried out in English.
  • The number of participants is limited to 20. The sign-up is finished when the group is full, or 2 weeks prior to the workshop execution.
  • Signing up is required via the website: sign-up.
  • The fee needs to be paid before the workshop is due.
  • If your school uses C00lSch00l tool-sets, you have a discount.
  • If you are a self-funding participant you get a discount.
  • More details about the workshops can be found on the C00lSch00l website. (in Slovene language)