Summer's coming

It is this time of the year when teachers are finishing up: have a lot of things to do but are low on energy ...

... and are waiting ...

... for the summer. 

And, I'm a teacher.

Just to briefly finish up this school year's blog with a promise I will continue in September.

What can you expect in the following year?

1. The brief explanation of the last steps in the PBA. 

I have covered Introductory Routine, Storytelling, Doodling, and Social Games. Those are preparations (ingredients) for the real use of language (the cake). 

So, the cake to come is: Literacy and Do It by Dictation.

My colleagues often tell me that I can do what I do because I have small classes. True. It's easier and the progress is much quicker.

together with four teachers, we explored the PBA approach in the state schools with the classes up to 28 pupils. It not only worked, but (with some classes) we have achieved as great results as I have with my small classes. 

Where there is a will there is a way. 

2. I intend to have a post or three on how to go about in the state school.

What is our first 2018/19 event?

Workshop: Playing games is a serious business, August 20-22nd 2018, OŠ Ljubečna.

How can you get my posts?

With the new law for privacy protection, my list of readers had to be re-written. You need to subscribe. If you haven't listed your name yet, now's the time (providing you would like to be reminded when I will have written something new).

You can do it through my website, or write your email address in the box next to the post you are currently reading (follow by email). 

I write only one post per month.

I wish you all a very hot and relaxing summer.